Creating Beautiful Gallery Walls

It’s no secret that I love a good gallery wall. They can truly transform a room, creating layers and interest, and are a wonderful way to display a collection of paintings, photographs or prints that you love. Gallery walls can also be an affordable way to create a visual feast on a large bare wall without having to outlay a fortune for one large artwork.

I think that the key to a successful gallery wall has a lot do with selecting the artwork in a way that tells a story. Think about creating a wall from a cohesive collection, for example, with just floral still life pictures, portraits, children’s art… you get the idea.




Then there are those gallery walls that work precisely because they are a mismatched collection of styles, but somehow balance one another and still look as though they belong together. Rita Konig’s fantastic wall below is an example of how displaying multiple styles and mediums gives the wall more dimension. When I shared this picture on instagram a while ago, someone commented that one could run the world with those two pieces of advice – “love” and “drink more gin”.




Anna Spiro is another genius at the mismatched gallery wall. Her gallery walls in Black & Spiro and Halcyon House are truly some of my favourites.






Whatever style you choose, use the wall to tell your story. Include pieces that are meaningful or beautiful to you. If you love it, include it. Don’t overanalyse it, start putting the pieces together and see what emerges. And if you’re stuck let’s chat about how we can help you create one.


Images:  Rita Konig / Halcyon House / Paper Daisy Halcyon

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