Room in a Box

Our budget friendly Room in a Box service is a custom room design package that you can then complete and layer in on your own timescale, as budget allows. If you live locally in Durban we will come out to you for a consultation, and take photos and measurements of the room we’ll be working on. If you’re further afield, that’s no problem, we will have a skype consulation and give you step by step instructions of what measurements and photos to send us.




After the consultation we’ll get to work designing your new space from the ground up. Included in the Room in a Box package is:

  • A design board with furnishings selections
  • Renderings of each wall and a floor plan showing you where to place everything
  • Detailed products cards, with information of every item selected and where to shop for it
  • Materials cards with fabric, hardware and paint selections
  • A bag with the physical samples of chosen fabrics, wallpapers, paint swatches and hardware
  • Styling sheets with exclusive styling tips for the room and any diy how-tos






When you receive your box you’re all set to make your new room design a reality by following the step by step plans, shopping for items on the product cards and ordering any custom items you may want our help with.




You could decide to do it all in one go, or on a month by month basis as budget allows. If you’re a fearless DIY’er you may decide to roll up your sleeves and then complete the whole project by yourself; but for the more cautious among us or those that simply don’t have the time, we provide a shopping service and can carry the project all the way through to final installation.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, get in touch and let’s make your world beautiful, one room at a time.

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